The advantages

LEAPS is optimizing the complete flow of information B2B. Offering customers one point of entry for everything they need will save time for everyone 


Price calculations and quotes can be created quickly, bookings completed and shipments tracked and even displayed on the map. The system also works as a customer portal where everything from minutes of meetings, SOP’s, KPI’s, special instructions, global lists of contact persons, news, etc. can be stored.

Reports can be customized and created automatically. Deviation notifications can be distributed automatically, just to mention some of the benefits the system can offer.

EDI integrations are getting more and more popular but normally this is only offered to larger accounts and require a lot of internal resources from IT to setup EDI solutions with customers. By using the standard EDI integration module and API, customers can be activated for EDI integration in a matter of minutes even by the account manager at the customer meeting.

Offering customers the ability to create their own reports based on their exact requirements increases customer satisfaction and saved time for customer support teams.

Due to easy administration and automation of processes, account managers are able to activate portals and modules even during the customer meetings using e.g. an iPads or a tablet decreasing the workload of the IT department.

The ability to offer customers online price calculation is saving estimated 1½ hours of daily work per operational FTE in terms of manually calculating and sending offers.

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